Vientiane Closer To ‘World-class Status’ With A New Cineplex Theatre


New attraction for both Laotian and tourists? Laos capital Vientiane is now to get its first multiplex cinema complex, allovwing the city of 700,000 inhabitants to come closer to the status of a “world-class city”.

Major Platinum Cineplex is a major Thai company running already 544 screens in Thailand and in Cambodia. This is the second branch outside Thailand after the opening of a cineplex in Phnom Penh a year ago. The company hopes to operate some 100 screens outside Thailand by the end of the decade.

This new world-class theatre in Vientiane Capital will have “Huawei” as a named sponsor and be called “Major Platinum Cineplex by Huawei”.

“Major Platinum Cineplex is a joint venture between The Major Cineplex Group and Platinum Cineplex, with Major having the majority share. It is located on the 4th floor of the newly opened world-class Vientiane Center,” said Mr Jim Patterson, Senior Advisor of Business Development of Major Cineplex Group at a press conference in the Laotian capital.

“The Laos cinema will contain about 1,150 seats in five halls and offer the best and brightest 3D picture available. The project will cover about 4,550 square meters and will offer other entertainment facilities. The initial fit out cost of US$1.5 million will ensure the highest level of equipment and finishing,” said Mr Jim.

“The cinema will open at the end of July on the 4th floor of the Vientiane Center with the blockbuster film, the new Mission Impossible,” said Mr Jim. All movies- foreign and Lao- will be screened with subtitles.

CEO of Major Cineplex Group Mr Vicha Poolvaraluk estimates that Laos is developing and the improvements mean that people will be looking for more entertainment options and the Major Platinum Cineplex will change the entertainment landscape in Laos. A growing city with a population of over 700,000 is ready for a world-class entertainment experience.

“We are pleased to have support by Huawei and Coca Cola as they wish to develop their markets in Laos with quality products. Although we would be happy with 300,000 annual attendances, we may be surprised, as we were in Cambodia, and do even better,” he added.

(Source: KPL)