Indonesians Asked To Register Online When Travelling Abroad

Indonesian Passport

The Indonesian government is looking to exercise greater right to control the movements of Indonesian nationals by asking them to register online before going abroad.

The missing of an Indonesian national- believed to have been killed in Syria- is accelerating the decision of Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a regulation requiring any Indonesian traveling outside the country to report online before departure.A new website is due to become active from August and help the Ministry monitoring Indonesian citizens travelling abroad. 


Indonesian officials are increasingly worried about their own citizens travelling abroad to perpetrate jihad and support ISIS activities. Indonesian officials have estimated that up to 300 Indonesians may have become foreign fighters in the Middle East over the last three years while the ‘Country Reports on Terrorism 2014’, issued by the US State Department on June 19 noted that some countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia still face a number of challenges when dealing with the threat of terrorism.

Indonesia decision could however further depress a weakening Indonesian outbound market by imposing additional burden on travel movements and giving Indonesian travellers the impression to be all the time watch out by their government.

(Photo source: wikipedia for the Indonesian passport)