US Aviation Authorities Give A Deadline To Thailand To Fix Woes In Its Civil Aviation

Thailand Civil Aviation
  • FAA gives a 65 days deadline to see corrective measures taken by Thailand Civil Aviation.
  • Indonesia also forbids Thai carriers of increasing their flights.

Thai authorities still had pin some hope over a benevolent assessment from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over Thailand Civil Aviation safety standards. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

The latest inspection over aviation safety standards in Thailand by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) points out to insufficient qualified manpower within the agency, which explains the lack of safety standards in services provided in the Kingdom. After the ICAO, the FAA also gives a warning to Thai authorities.

Thailand authorities feel optimistic that that this problem could be resolved. A safety inspection from FAA inspectors at Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways revealed that the civil aviation agency is understaffed and lack international standards. The FAA inspectors revealed that staff is often not properly assigned to aircraft types.Standard inspection measures are not properly followed according to FAA. The US civil aviation gives now a deadline of 65 days to Thailand to take corrective measures.

Commenting on that report, Thailand transport minister Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong indicated that first measures are already being taken to fix Thailand CAA problems.

If Thailand is not able to resolve those problems highlighted by the FAA, the country’s aviation safety standard rating could be downgraded to Category 2. Consequences would be multiple: traffic rights and capacities would be blocked to their current level; code share with US carriers would not be allowed anymore- probably the most annoying point for Thai Airways International as a member of Star Alliance. And of course, Thai Airways would suffer from a loss in image.

The severe ICAO report over Thailand Civil Aviation safety measures released in June and CAA downgrading to Category 2 already affects Thai airlines flying to Japan, Korea and China PRC. Indonesia is now joining the number of countries restricting Thai air carriers. Jakarta announced to ban Thai air carriers of increasing frequencies or changing their aircraft type when flying to Indonesia. The information was communicated by
Thailand Minister of Transport ACM Prajin.