23 Countries Issue Limited Travel Warning To Thailand

On Tuesday night, the Bangkok Post reported that 23 countries had issued travel advisories for tourists visiting Thailand. None of the 23 countries asked their citizens to avoid Thailand, most of them talking about “exerting extra caution” when travelling. Only Hong Kong advised its citizens not to go to Thailand if not necessary.

In a speech tonight on Thai public television, Thai Prime Minister and Head of the Junta General Prayuth Cha-o-chan vowed to bring to justice the perpetrators and reassure to foreigners living in the country that the government would do its best to safeguard their security, property and interests.

The official number of victims killed by the blast at Erawan Shrine has been revised down to 20 people. Five were citizens from Thailand, two from Hong Kong, two from Malaysia, one from Singapore and one from the UK. Police still tries to identify the identity of the seven other victims.