Sanur In Bali To Be Turned Into A Quality Destination?

According to the Denpasar Post and the Bali Post, a member of the Denpasar House of Representatives (DPRD), the equivalent of a regional parliament wants to clean Sanur village from cheap style hotels. A member of the DPRD, I Wayan Suwirya, is urging that low-priced “City Hotel” not be allowed anymore in the tradition tourism area of Sanur village as they “have no place in Sanur as accommodation must reflect the tourism identity of Sanur and be based on resort hotel models,” he explained to both newspapers. 

The DPRD member wants to consequently ban roadside motels and city hotels which generally offer moderate or budget prices and standards. The legislator would also like to see Sanur avoiding the fate of nearby Kuta with a restriction on nightly entertainment venues. The member of the regional parliament would like to save Sanur from mass tourism, targeting high quality, high spending travellers. Sanur preservation should be consequently incorporated into its tourism development plan.

While Bali has a total of 227 classified hotels offering 38,173 beds in 2013, Denpasar -Sanur is part of Denpasar district- had 31 star-rated hotels with a total of 6,303 beds in the same year.

Sunrise over Sanur Beach.(Photo: