Singapore Invests In Air Traffic Research

According to the Straits Times, Singapore is investing heavily in air traffic research to beef up its ability to handle a projected increase in flights in the region.

The announcement was made by Singapore Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew as Asia-Pacific is increasingly challenged to keep pace with the expected increase in traffic in the years to come.

With airlines in the region accounting for seven in 10 of all new single-aisle plane deliveries over the next two decades, “there will be pressure on air navigation service providers to handle more aircraft, and less room for error”, Mr Lui warned.

The country recently invested S$10 million to install two new simulators – one that replicates a control tower and the other, a radar control station – at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

NTU’s air traffic institute is a joint initiative with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The Civil Aviation is also working in partnership with US non-profit organisation MITRE to conduct ar traffic research.

With manpower development critical too, Singapore is injecting $3 million over the next three years into a training programme that was started back in 2001 for participants from developing countries. Areas of teaching include aviation safety and security as well as air traffic and airport management.