Angkor Wat, World Number 1 Must-See Spot For Lonely Planet

The Temples of Angkor of Cambodia have won the No. 1 global must-see spot, according to Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List 2015 released early this week. In this first-of-its-kind list from the world’s leading travel authority, Lonely Planet’s globetrotting community of staff and writers have ranked the 500 best places to see on the planet, creating the definitive bucket list for every type of traveller.

The Temples of Angkor in Cambodia were the undisputed champion, topping the list at number one. Described as the “Hindu heaven on earth”, this complex of more than 1,000 temples, shrines and tombs that form a virtual city of spires in the jungles of northern Cambodia, takes the crown.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia and Machu Picchu of Peru were the two runners-up, followed by the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal of India, and the Grand Canyon National Park of the U.S.

“In all,a team of travel experts and authors drew up a list of 500 of the world’s best places to visit, with the Cambodian temple taking the top spot because it’s the ‘perfect harmony of creative ambition and spiritual devotion’,” underlined Lonely Planet.

“This is a pride for the whole Cambodian people,” said the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism on its Facebook page, stressing that peace and development have opened beautiful Cambodia to the world.

In Southeast Asia, Bagan in Myanmar ranked 24 and Hanoi Old Quartier ranked 31.

Image by Mark Read, Lonely Planet