PATA Travel Mart 2016 In Jakarta Will Benefit Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya has announced that Jakarta, Indonesia has been selected to host the 2016 PATA Travel Mart. “The event has a huge market potential. We are targeting to sell 200,000 tourism packers, each worth US$1,000 with a value equivalent to US$200 million. That’s Rp. Rp 2.5 billion!” proclaimed Yahya.

The Minister also underlined the value of the publicity the hosting of the PATA Mart will bring to Indonesia as its host country – promotion he put at an estimated value of Rp. 15 billion. Yahya said the major travel event would assist Indonesia in promoting its “Wonderful Indonesia” branding.

Speaking during the press conference, the chairman of the PATA Indonesia Chapter, SD Darmono, added: “The cost of the event is Rp. 10 billion, but it has the potential of brining up to 10 million tourists. There will be 5,000 travel agents from the entire world coming to participate. This all needs preparation. One year for preparation is already tight and the support of all stakeholders both in the government and private sector will be needed so the event can succeed.”

Darmono’s prediction of 5,000 travel agents attending the event, however, seems wildly ambitious and not supported by any historical data. The 2014 PATA Mart held in Cambodia only managed to attract some 450 sellers from 233 companies and 266 buyers representing 252 organization. That results total of 716 travel officials, a portion accompanied by partners and spouses.

Using the Minister’s figures of an estimate hosting cost to Indonesia of Rp. 10 billion and projecting, say, 300 participating buyers, results in a cost per attending buyer of Rp. 33.5 million or around US$2,500 each.

(Source: Bali Discovery)