Thailand Turns Serious Over Bicycle Tourism

  •  Thailand is building Asia’s longest cycle lane, to be ready by 2017.

  •  The Kingdom plans 99 cycle lanes nationwide.

Thailand is turning into ASEAN and Asia’s most cycling friendly country. The Kingdom announced in the summer to build Asia’s longest bicycle lane, spanning 184.8km across five provinces.

According to the Rural Roads Department, Thailand is now planning an additional 42 bicycle lanes across the country, including the expected 184.8-kilometre route from Pathum Thani to Chai Nat province. The new track is part of a major planning of setting 99 cycling lanes across the country, which will all be totally separated from lanes for other means of transportation. The proposed design specifies a total lane width of 3m, which is divided into two 1.5m opposing lanes. Rest stops are also planned.

Transport Permanent Secretary Soithip Traisuth confirmed to newspapers last week that the government was going ahead with the 1.5 billion baht (US$42 million) track, which runs across the central provinces of Pathum Thani, Chai Nat, Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and Sing Buri, according to the Bangkok Post. The lane will be totally separated from

The project will also help promote tourism in the five provinces as the route crosses several tourist hot spots and historical sites, including Bang Pa-in Palace, Wat Pananchoeng and Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya and Sing Buri’s Wat Ampawan. Design and implementation of the lanes are done by the Department of Rural Roads. Construction will start early next year for a forecast opening by 2017.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is responsible for raising funds to construct a total of approximately 3,000km of the planned 99 lanes throughout the entire Kingdom. But it is still unclear who will oversee the maintenance, and the lanes have to be built with the highest regard for commuter safety, Ms Taisuth explained to newspapers.