Ipoh Gets Its Home Grown Luxury Hotel Brand

M Boutique Hotel is a success story in Malaysia’s hotel industry made in Ipoh, the largest city in the State of Perak. For now over a year, the hotel scene of this West Malaysia city of 650,000 inhabitants has been radically transformed with the emergence of a homegrown brand, M Boutique, which finally brings to town a distinctive elegant alternative to old-fashioned large hotels.

M Boutique currently operates two properties which offer both a high level of individual service coupled with a comfy atmosphere in a creative environment where design plays with Ipoh historical references. “The concept of the place is called urban vintage and is the result of plenty of research and help of a visual merchandiser we work closely with,” explained recently to Malaysian newspaper “The Star”, M Boutique general manager Lloyd Gan. “We wanted something that would gel with the heritage and culturally rich city that surrounds it.”

M Boutique offers 93 rooms and wants to deliver a five-star style service but at affordable prices. Design plays an important role in the hotel layout with most furniture and accessories being specially customized for the property.

Service is also thruvung for excellence thanks to the employment of young staff, most of them being aged between 24 and 28. This gives also the hotel a more relaxed, casual atmosphere. A culture that Lloyd Gan described to the Star ” as cheerful and upbeat”.

“Many of our guests arrive and experience some shock at the size of the property. They don’t usually expect it to be ‘small’. But once they get over that, they usually end up liking us and our unique style and service,” says M Boutique Manager.

Prices remain reasonable, starting from RM 136 (US$ 33) for a single-bed room. A second property M Boutique Station 18, opened recently at Pengkalan Ipoh. More might come in Ipoh and in Perak in the next future…