The Ultra Trail, A Major Sport Event Comes To Angkor Wat

The Ultra Trail is an unprecedented sport event that will come next January in Siem Reap and the fabled Angkor temples. The sport event will be a 128 km race which will pass through one of the world’s most fascinating cultural site.

A specialist of overseas races, organizer Jean-Claude Le Cornec considers the “Ultra Trail” as an unforgettable challenge and a worldwide event for the world’s first edition ”. Runners will cross several exceptional sites dominated by mountains and temples, evolving through impressive landscapes over a vast area where rice fields, forests, villages offer panoramas of a surprising diversity.

Four races are scheduled with different levels of difficulties for participants: the 128 km Ultra Trail, the 32 km Trail or 64 km Trail and finally, a 32 km Nordic Walking.

However, for the organizers, the Angkor Ultra Trail will not be just about the sport event itself. For race organizer Jean-Claude Le Cornec, the event is also an opportunity for participants to interact with local population.

The event will be supervised by a team of enthusiasts and volunteers who are dedicated to turn this event into a race adventure opened to all. The event is getting the support of Cambodia Ministry of Tourism and should attract for its first edition some 300 participants. However, the Ultra Trail is due to come back to Cambodia every year and could within five years welcome some 2,000 participants, turning the competition into a well-established international event.