Vietnam Airlines: Did You Mention Political Turmoil Between China And Vietnam?

Vietnam and China relations continue to be rocky- this is the least that can be said as many issues continue to poison relations between both countries. Disputes are including the South China Sea (from Vietnam considered as the East Vietnam Sea) territorial conflict to recent stories about the arrest of a Vietnamese citizen in China for spy activities.

On a more positive note, China is boosting its diplomatic presence in Vietnam with the opening of a consulate in Danang, Central Vietnam.

All these political skirmishes do not seem to deter Vietnam Airlines to target the most promising Chinese holiday market. Vietnam national carrier is boosting capacities to China for the winter 2015/16 season, including the launch of many new routes out of Danang and Nha Trang/Cam Ranh.

Chinese tourists to Vietnam still represent a huge market. Despite being down by 18.2% for the first nine months of 2015 compared to 2014, Chinese travellers continue to be Vietnam’s largest inbound market, representing 22.2% of all arrivals to the country.

Planned new routes for Vietnam Airlines to China are the following
25/10 Ho Chi Minh C.-Shanghai 1 x daily Boeing 777
instead Airbus A321
26/10- Danang-Shijiazhuang 1 x weekly
01/01- Danang-Lanzhou 3 x weekly
02/01 Danang-Jinan 2 x weekly
10/01 Danang-Nanchang 2 x weekly
01/01- Ho Chi Minh C.-Hangzhou 3 x weekly
29/10- Nha Trang-Chongqing 1 x weekly
(4 x weekly from Jan 14)
15/01 Nha Trang-Beijing 3 x weekly
17/01 Nha Trang-Hangzhou 2 x weekly
18/01 Nha Trang-Nanning 3 x weekly


(Picture: Vietnamese Propaganda Picture over China’s invasion in the South China Sea/East Vietnam Sea- Museum of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh City)