Singapore Had Asean Most Expensive Accommodation Prices In First Half Of 2015 website published twice a year a survey tracking the evolution of accommodation prices around the world. The results for the first half year 2015 of survey for Singapore travellers show that hotel prices paid by travellers from Singapore in Singapore Dollars (SGD) per night during the first six months of 2015 was mostly down due particularly to weakening currencies in the region. Of the 73 destinations covered by the report, prices rose in 30, were flat in three and down in 40.

While increases were particularly high in the USA with the strength of the US Dollar, prices paid in Europe were generally lower and took a drop in most destinations in Southeast Asia, which registered some of the lowest hotel prices and the most dramatic falls.


According to the survey, 24 of the bottom 25 destinations included in the Hotel Price Index were in Asia, with Genting Highlands recording the highest percentage decrease in the report of 15% and the lowest average paid of S$81, followed by Phnom Penh up 1% to S$93 and Cebu up 2% to $93. Kuala Lumpur was another high faller, losing 14% to $118. In Singapore itself, lower arrivals lowered the price paid by domestic travellers to an average of S$199.

Koh Samui was the highest-placed Asian destination in thirteenth place in the overall prices chart on $244 in spite of a 10% decrease.