The 5-Million International Visitors’ Target To Be Finally Reached In The Philippines

Foreign arrivals up by 9.87% and international tourism revenues up by over 10% between January and August. Tourism in the Philippines is likely to end up the year 2015 with record figures according to the latest data release by the Department of Tourism.


Except a major disruption until the end of the year, the Philippines will receive this year for the first time over 5 million international visitors- If following the current trend, total international arrivals by the end of the year are estimated to be in a range of 5.2 and 5.3 million.

Total international visitors for January to August 2015 was recorded at 3,590,038 for a 9.87% growth compared to 3,267,542 during the same period of 2014. Auguring well to the tourism industry is the positive growth rates of the country’s top ten markets for the first eight months of the year. For the first time, all these top ten markets breached the 100,000-visitor’s mark in arrivals. Korea continues to lead with 901,749 arrivals, an increase of 15.04% compared to the same period of 2014.

Korea is followed by USA with 531,217 visitors (up by 7.68%) and Japan with 334,881 visitors (up by 7.71%). Despite strained political relations with the Philippines, the Chinese market posted a positive growth of 4.55% to 322,417 arrivals for the first eight months of the year.

Total revenue from inbound visitors for January to August amounted to Php152.19 billion (US$ 3.39 billion).