Hoi An And The Province Of Quang Nam Get Funding For Heritage Preservation

Financial support will be provided to the province of Quant Nam in Central Vietnam with a project involving the setting up of a vocational training centre to increase management and competency in preserving cultural and relic sites in the central province. It could also increase the value of local cultural heritage spots.

The project is being launched as part of a cooperation agreement between Italy and Vietnam. Quang Nam Vocational Schoolt will receive a funding of nearly US$1.3 million, of which 70% are coming the Italian government, the rest being supported by the Polytechnic University of Milan (Polimi) and the local government.

Under the project (2015-2018), the Quang Nam Vocational College School will co-operate with the management board of My Son Relic and Tourism Department to launch six-month courses on both theory and practice, which will be taught by experts from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

The 120 trainees will be university graduates, young officials and lecturers working in the province and nearby provinces, who are concerned about heritage preservation.

After finishing the courses, about 10 or 12 outstanding trainees will continue to be trained as experts in methods of restoration and preservation of heritage.

There are about 60 national and 300 provincial heritage sites in Quang Nam Province. In addition to receiving financial support from governments and international organisations, the province has set up its own projects to restore heritage sites after the national programme on restoring heritage sites ends at the end of this year. Some US$3.8 million will be spent between 2016 and 2020 to restore national and provincial heritage sites.