Results Of Myanmar Historic Election Likely To Boost Travellers’ Interest

Myanmar historic election has turned mostly peaceful and is now likely to see the emergence of the first non-military government in the country. According to the latest results, the election saw the National League for Democracy -Aung San Suu Ky party- winning a large majority of the seats in the national assembly.

It will now take days to get the final results and notwithstanding the role the military will play in the future Myanmar political landscape, Myanmar is likely to become an increasingly attractive country to both investors and visitors.

Once the government being in place, it can be expected that travelling to Myanmar will be even easier than today while the new society emerging from this election would attract sympathy around the world and attract visitors to visit the new full-fledged democracy.

Prior to elections, many local tour operators complaint of a slowdown in tourist arrivals- many fearing clashes or violence during the electoral process. Now that the fear is dissipated due to the known results, business can be back to normal. Myanmar is due to be in 2015 ASEAN fastest growing nation with an estimated GDP up by over 9%.

Tourism is due to follow. The government was expecting for this year 4.5 million international arrivals to the country for 2015. At the end of September, ” we had 3.37 million tourists, compared to only 3.08 million for the whole of last year,” said U Myo Win Nyunt, director of the ministry of hotels and tourism to the newspaper Myanmar Times.

Numbers however include day-trippers at Myanmar border. According to PATA M-Power data, total international arrivals by air reached 795,461 tourists between January and August 2015 compared to 704,061 for the same period of 2014. This represents a growth of almost 13%. With Myanmar now on the way to full-fledged democracy, 2016 looks very promising for Myanmar Tourism with over two million tourists by air and sea to be expected.