Indonesia’s Kagum Group Looks At Sharia Hotels Across The Archipelago


The Kagum Group, a hospitality management company in Indonesia, is eager to expand into the sharia tourism sector by establishing a chain of sharia hotels across the country. Sharia hotels are hotels that follow Islamic principles such as offering separated indoor (protected from public view) swimming pools for men and women or serving halal food and beverages (banning among others  pork and alcoholic drinks). Through sharia-compliant hotels, the group targets particularly tourists from the Middle East, a growing segment to Indonesia as well as Malay groups.

These sharia hotels are planned to be built under the Seriti Madani brand in the cities Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bandar Lampung and on Bali. Henry Husada, President Director of the Kagum Group, said the group already obtained sharia certification from the National Sharia Council to construct these hotels which will have a hotel rating of between two and five stars.

The Kagum Group currently operates a total of 27 hotels, ranging from 2 to 4 stars. The group is present in six cities in Java (Bandung, Bogor, Jakarta, Cilegon, Cirebon and Yogyakarta), in three cities in Sumatra (Lampung, Medan and Palembang) as well as in Bali, Makassar (South Sulawesi) and Raja Ampat (West Papua).  Kagum comes originally from Bandung in West Java.