ASEAN Roads Drive to Death, particularly in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia…


It is a sad fact: Southeast Asian drivers are reckless and irresponsible on the roads. Data published by the World Health Organisation point out that roads kill around the world 1.2 million people in a year with 49% of all deaths occurring among pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
Unfortunately, Asia is among the most affected in the world with one of the highest Road Traffic Death Rate per 100,000 inhabitants.  while ASEAN holds the sad record of being the top Asian region for the total number of road traffic deads. With an estimated 285,000 deaths in 2013, the Road Traffic Death Rate stood at 16.2 while in ASEAN, the same rate reached 18.5.

Thailand can claim the sad record to be Asia’s most dangerous country for driving. With a Road Traffic Death Rate of 36.2, the Kingdom stands twice over the ASEAN average. Unfortunately, Vietnam and Malaysia are not far behind with a rate reaching respectively 24.5 and 24. Best in the region are -not surprisingly- Singapore with a rate of only 3.6 and -surprisingly- the Philippines with a 10.5 Death Rate for 100,000 people.

it will also not be a surprise to learn that most of the deads on roads are motorcyclists or cyclists. They represent over 70% of all people killed in Cambodia and Thailand -the latest showing again a terrible figure of 73%, a world record- while Malaysia shows a rate of 82.1%. Singapore and Myanmar own the sad fact of the most pedestrians being victims of deadly casualties with a respective percentage of 26.9% and 26%.

In Thailand, the Government recently vowed to reduce the number of fatalities by 80%. However doubts remain on the capability of the government to really strictly enforce safety laws on the road…