Metered Taxis Arrive in Yangon

Yangon gets metered taxis

Yangon is getting closer to other Southeast Asian metropolis. Since August of this year, Dagon Logistics, has been offering a metered-taxi service. The local  company started with 100 vehicles. The company just announced to look for more drivers as it has now 400 vehicles. And according to Aung Win, managing director of Dagon Logistics to the daily “Myanmar Times”, some 1,000 to 1,500 cars will be necessary to cover residents and visitors’ needs.

The service aims to offer customers a guaranteed clean car at a reasonable price, and provides drivers with customers and decent rates. Best for customers is the end of bargaining to go somewhere.

Dangon Logistics is the first reliable service of metered taxis. A previous attempt in 2008 from the Yangon Region Supervisory Committee for Traffic Rules Enforcement to offer such a service failed. Drivers generally mentioned traffic jam to refuse to put their meter.

“We don’t want any more confusion over fares. We don’t want drivers running around all over the city in search of passengers. Our objective is to provide Yangon with taxis of international standard that are easily available to passengers,” said U Aung Win to the newspaper. Dagon Logistics provide training but also an android tablet equipped with GPS.

Rates are K250 per kilometre plus K25 per minute waiting time. An average ride will cost K1500 for the first 3km or 15 minutes, so that a 10km/30-minute ride will cost K4000, with 25 percent extra added between 10pm and 5am.