Star Wars Finds its Way into Singapore Public Transport

STAR WARS MRT TRAIN Photo: Channel News Asia, Ngau Kai Yan

Another attraction will temporarily welcome Singapore residents and visitors. The worldwide release of Disney epic ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is also reaching Singapore underground train and public busses. Since December 15, SMRT commuters can look to riding in Singapore’s first intergalactic Star Wars concept trains and buses that are now into service. The concept trains travel along the North-South and East-West lines, while the buses will ply central routes. Two trains have been retrofitted with the Star Wars epic theme. Trains are decorated like galactic space ships while MRT stations have been turned into a Star Wars battlefield.

There is of course a commercial side to this unusual public transport experience. Shoppers will find in SMRT’s retail network exclusive-to-SMRT ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ premiums and other limited edition collectibles. Commuters will also have a chance to win two grand prizes to fly to Dubai for the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2016.

SMRT Commercial’s Managing Director, Ms Dawn Low said, “This Christmas, we are excited to partner Disney to bring an intergalactic Star Wars experience into our transport and retail networks. We welcome the launch of the Star Wars trains where commuters and fans can travel in intergalactic style this Christmas. We would like to invite Christmas shoppers to Pop In at Raffles Xchange and visit Kallang Wave Mall to check out our specially curated collection of Star Wars merchandise”.

(Photo: Channel News Asia Ngau Kai Yan)STAR WARS MRT TRAIN Photo: Channel News Asia Ngau Kai Yan