Local Study Highlights Growth for Cambodia’s Hotel Industry

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Bonna Realty Group, a Cambodian real estate company based in Phnom Penh, highlights in a recent study the Cambodia hospitality industry continues to show high growth rates while quality of service continues to improve.

The study gives also a precise picture of Cambodia hotel capacity, although Bonna Realty Group’s numbers are being contested by the Ministry of Tourism.

According to the study, there were 317 hotels with 15,000 rooms in Phnom Penh: 417 hotels with 17,000 rooms in Siem Reap; 133 hotels with 4,000 rooms in Sihanoukville, and 45 hotels with 1,600 rooms in Battambang. The study also analysed occupancy rates at hotels in each Cambodian region. According to the report, occupancy reached 68% from January to November for Phnom Penh, followed by Siem Reap with a 66% occupancy. Highest occupancy figures were recorded in Sihanoukville (74%) and in Battambang (75%). However, full occupancy is not unusual during the high season from November to early Mach/

The study also looked at the hotel’s ranking compared to price. Two-star hotels offered rooms ranging from $21 to $60, whereas 3-star hotels cost from $60 to $200 for a room. 5-star hotels saw the greatest range of prices at $150 to $2000 per night, based on the room type, size and amenities included.