Thailand became ASEAN Top Tourism Destination in 2015

Thailand countdown (Getty image)

Tourism authorities in Thailand were probably a bit frustrated not to be able to organize a large celebration to welcome the Kingdom’s 30th million international traveller. As the country celebrated its 29th million foreign arrival on December 23, it missed short the magic target of 30 million. According to Thailand Minister for Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul to reporters, the Kingdom should have received 29.6 to 29.7 million foreign travellers. This represents meanwhile an increase of almost 20% compared to 2014, when country’s tourism slumped to 24.8 million following widespread political turmoil.

The Minister is now confident that Thailand will receive up to 32 million international travellers in 2016 and will continue to focus on quality tourism.

Whatever the missed target of 30 million tourists, Thailand can still rejoice over the fact of being again ASEAN largest tourist destination taking over Malaysia. The latter should have received over 28 million of travellers, short of a target of 29.5 million expected earlier in 2015. But as we all know, quantity is not necessarily a seal of quality!