Another blow to KLIA intercontinental hub

Kuwait national carrier Kuwait Airways announced to terminate its flights to Kuala Lumpur and consequently its onward connection to Jakarta from its summer timetable. The cancellation of the route out of Kuwait is due to the carrier’s network restructuring. Kuwait Airways says the changes will take effect from 28 March, ahead of the 2016 summer season.

The airline states that it is “progressively withdrawing from poorly-performing routes” which are not contributing to its profitable development.

Kuwait Airways will however build frequencies on non-stop connections. Kuwait-Manila will now be served non-stop with three new weekly flights from 28 March as the carrier will drop the stop-over in Bangkok.  Fights to Thailand will stay the same wit

Kuwait Airways will minimize inconvenience to passengers by transferring to other airlines or refunding its guests.

Meanwhile, the lost of Kuwait Airways is another bitter pill to swallow for KLIA airport authorities. Malaysia prime airport is losing step by step its status of an intercontinental hub consequent to Malaysia Airlines action of downsizing its network.

The Malaysian national carrier will stop flying to Paris and Amsterdam this month and will compensate the loss of its North-American and European network by a comprehensive code-share agreement with Emirates. Passengers keen to go to Southeast Asia will now rather fly via Dubai to Kuala Lumpur and connect further from now on. Tourism Malaysia already signed recently a partnership with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways for the promotion of Malaysia in Europe.