IATA Sees Indonesia Among the World’s Top Five Passenger Markets

From 85 million to 220 million passengers. The International Air Transport Association IATA predicts that Indonesia air transport will generate 2.6 times more passengers in 2034 than in 2014. These numbers were released at the end of last year. They show that Indonesia is poised to become a leading market around the world in less than 20 years. By 2034, the archipelago will record more passengers per year than Japan, Brazil or Spain. The three countries should have a passengers volume between 180 and 205 million passengers a year. Indonesia will consequently turn into Asia’s third largest passengers market. Not surprisingly, China will account for some 1.19 billion passengers, or 758 million more than in 2014 and India will take over the UK as the world’s third largest market and the second largest in Asia with some 375 million passengers, compared to 125 million in 2014 .

There is another big surprise. Looking at domestic air markets in 2034, Vietnam is poised to enter the top 10, beating Mexico by a short advance. Vietnam is due to record some 75 million domestic air travellers by that time, beating then Russia and Canada and just ex-aequo with Mexico. In 2014, Vietnam had only a domestic passengers’ traffic of approximately 15 million passengers. Indonesia would still remain the world’s fifth largest domestic market with approximately 145 million passengers, up from 65 million in 2014.

The passengers market share of Asia-Pacific would by 2034 reach 42% compared to 35% today. In total, Asia-Pacific will see an extra 1.8 billion annual passengers being added between 2014 and 2034, reaching an overall market size of 2.9 billion passengers.

(Graphic: IATA)