Eco-friendly Policies at Phuket Historical ‘The Memory At On On Hotel’

Phuket old town is experiencing a renaissance with new tourist places such as small trendy coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and increasingly boutique hotels which highlight Phuket’s Peranakan heritage. Peranakan is a peculiar culture developed along the strait of Melaka, stretching from Phuket to Singapore. The culture is characterized by a colourful way of life, culinary specialties and a distinctive architecture for houses and mansions.

Phuket old town has probably the largest concentration of Peranakan-style buildings in Thailand. And among them the ‘Memory at On On Hotel’, a boutique hotel property which was in the past the On On Hotel. It was opened in 1929 and is dubbed to be the oldest property in Phuket town.

Recognizing the historical importance of the On On Hotel, The Treasury Village Group embarked on a complete restoration and renovation project in 2012. Today the property has been revitalized with new life and a new name, bearing a minimalist design including classic features with antique decorative touches.

The hotel also implements an eco-friendly policy which includes waste separation and recycling. The management uses for example recycled glass water bottles. The strict environment guideline has been recently praised by tour operator company Khiri Travel which considers the ‘Memory at On On Hotel’ among its favourites in the resort island.