Hanoi Tourism Rises Further

Hanoi continues to attract more tourists year after year with growth in international arrivals being largely over the national average. According to data provided by the Hanoi Tourism Department, the number of international visitors to Hanoi in 2015 was up by 12% compared to 2014 to reach approximately 3.4 million arrivals, compared to a growth of 1% for total international arrivals to Vietnam last year.

Continuous double-digit growth for Hanoi strengthened the market share of the capital in total international arrivals. While Hanoi attracted 30% of all international visitors a decade ago, its market share represents now 38% of tourism national figures.

While foreign arrivals reached 3.4 million, domestic travellers remain the bread and butter of Vietnam’s capital city: last year, total domestic arrivals reached an estimated 16.4 million, up by 6% over 2014. Total revenue from tourism is estimated at VND 55 trillion, up 11.48% (US$2.22 billion).

The popularity of Hanoi as a destination was confirmed today as Hanoi Office of Statistics released tourism data for the first quarter of 2016. The number of foreign arrivals to Ha Noi during the first quarter hit 761,000, up 28.7%  over the same perioe of last year. Total arrivals by air was up by 24.5% to reach 635,000 visitors. Fastest growing inbound markets during the first quarter were Chinese travellers (up by 85%), Thailand (up 64%) and South Korea (up 48%).

The impressive results are due to a more pro-active tourism policy according to the chairman of Hanoi Tourism Association Nguyen Quang Lan. Visa simplification, more air links to Hanoi – particularly with more flights from low cost airlines and overseas carriers- but also the re-establishment of a municipal Tourism Department and  improving quality of services with more international luxury hotels have helped boosting Hanoi attraction.

In 2016, the Hanoi Tourism Association will continue to promote the city on domestic markets conducting surveys on travellers expectation while promoting the city in China, Dubai, Russia, South Africa and Argentina.