New Tourist Attraction developed in Oudomxay Province in Laos

Last week, the Laotian government opened to the public redeveloped facilities at Nam Kat Yola Pa. The area is marked as another interesting tourist site in Oudomxay Province with the aim of attracting from 70,000-100,000 domestic and foreign visitors to the site by the end of this year. Nam Kat Yola Pa is deemed as one of the best preserved rain forests in Lao PDR.

The opening ceremony for the new tourist attraction was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad, Governor of Oudomxay Province Phetsakhone Luang-Aphai, and relevant officials.

The development of the Nam Kat Yola Pa tourist area has been conducted in three phases.  The first phase of the development took place from 2011 to 2015 with over US$11 million being invested in basic infrastructure including roads, the power grid, and water supply facilities, according to Mr Somphet Maopaseuth, President of the Forestry Area Conservation Ecological Tourism (FACET) Development Company of Laos.

Phase II of the project will be completed from 2016-2020 and will have an estimated cost of US$5 million.

Nam Kat Yola Pa Resort facilities“The objective of the development of this tourist attraction was to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment and using natural resources in a sustainable way when used for tourism purposes,” said Mr Maopaseuth.

Nam Kat Yola Pa provides visitors with opportunities to enjoy cycling in scenic areas, trekking experiences through lush forests, experiencing traditional ways of life, agricultural production programmes, and art and cultural performances by Khmu ethnic groups.A luxury resort is already opened welcoming international travellers with prices ranging on average between US$90 and US$150 per night.

(Source: KPL News Agency)