Tigerair to Offer Non-Stop Flights to Historical City of Zhengzhou

From 28 June 2016, Tigerair will add yet another destination of call to its network with a new direct service to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province in China. The airline will be the only one offering non-stop flights between Singapore and Zhengzhou.

The addition of the Singapore-Zhengzhou service follows Tigerair’s recent launch of direct flights to Quanzhou and Wuxi, and reflects the airline’s commitment to expanding its customers’ flight options particularly between Singapore and China. Flights to Zhengzhou will operate 3 times weekly every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Tigerair CEO, Lee Lik Hsin, said, “Zhengzhou is the provincial capital of Henan, one of the most populous provinces in China. In recent years, Zhengzhou has developed to become a key economic centre and transportation hub, with convenient air and rail links to many parts of China. This new service will provide a convenient air link for visitors from Singapore wishing to access the four ancient capitals of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang and Anyang situated in the province. At the same time, we are bringing Singapore closer to travellers from China, as well as promoting Singapore as a tourist destination and transit hub to Southeast Asia and Australia.”

Zhengzhou is an accessible starting point for travellers to discover the historical richness and natural splendour of the Henan province. While in Henan, culture and history buffs should take a tour of the province’s various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For example, travellers can enjoy special martial arts performances at Zhengzhou’s famed Shaolin Temple, admire the thousands of towering Buddhist statues carved within expansive limestone caves at Luoyang’s Longmen Grottoes, or get a glimpse of ancient oracle bones at the ruins of Yinxu in Anyang.
A popular itinerary for visitors would be to complete a travel circuit of the ancient capitals around Zhengzhou. Travellers may start their travel plans in Zhengzhou and end their tour in Xi’an, where Tigerair also operates direct flights back to Singapore.

Henan has a rapidly growing economy, making the province a destination of interest for business travellers. Zhengzhou, in particular, is developing into a significant financial centre in addition to the city having a robust manufacturing industry. Located at the intersection of a comprehensive network of high-speed rail lines, Zhengzhou is also an important national railway hub and an ideal gateway to many other areas in China.