Fare Hikes At Airports And For Taxis Likely To Be Approved in Thailand

it has been around for a while but it will finally be implemented. A hike in taxi fares and a higher surcharge at airports will considerably increase the cost of travelling in Bangkok.

According to a spokesperson at Thailand Ministry of Transport, the Ministry is likely to approve a 5% taxi fare rise this coming June. The increase was depending of the satisfaction index of consumers for taxi drivers. The latest satisfaction survey gives a 75% approval to the profession, a favourable percentage towards the rate increase. The flat fare for taxi is today fixed at THB35 for the first 1.6 km.

Another negative headline for consumers taking taxis at airports: the Ministry also approved to raise the current surcharge at both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports in Bangkok. Until now, the surcharge has been fixed at THB50 per vehicle (US$1.45). From June, this surcharge will go up to THB60 (US$1.70) for individual cars while five-door-van taxis will have to collect a surcharge of THB90 (US$2.55). Last year, the Ministry wanted to raise the surcharge to THB100 for all vehicles!

While the Airport Express Link is a valuable -and cheap- alternative to taxis at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang relies almost exclusively on a connection with a taxi or a bus. A rail connection to Bangkok city is under construction.