Cambodia Travel Mart in Phnom Penh Postponed to 2017

After announcing Cambodia Travel Mart, first in Siem Reap, then in Phnom Penh and push it back from June to August, the much expected first travel event has been postponed to 2017 according to sources from Cambodia Ministry of Tourism.

The postponement of the event was done discreetly but reasons are probably behind the high number of events in the region between June and October. 2016 will see in fact four travel shows targeting more or less the same professionals.

TTM+ in Chiang Mai (Thailand and Mekong) just closed its doors last week. It will be followed at the end of June by the Ecotourism forum in Pakse, Lao PDR then by the Mekong Tourism Forum in Sihanoukville from July 5 to 8 and then by ITE in Ho Chi Minh City -which already claims to be the largest travel event in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. A bit to much?

Any new event should indeed go into niche markets and focus on specific targeted groups. The best chance to success rather than replicating again and again and again existing events.