Philippines President-Elect Duterte Names Professional to the Position of State Secretary for Tourism

Wanda Corazon Teo. If the name is almost unknown from the tourism trade outside the Philippines, the lady is far of being a novice in the tourism field. Named by President Elect Duterte new Secretary of State for Tourism, Wanda Corazon Teo is owner of Mt. Apo Travel and Tours, a large tour operator. Corazon Teo is also the sister of journalist Ramon Tulfo, who is the president of  the National Association & Independent Travel Agencies (NAITAS) Phil. Inc., which claims to be the “biggest tourism organization in the country.”

The new State Secretary is already very popular in Davao, the city where Duterte acted as Mayor for many years.Tourism stakeholders in Davao Region lauded the appointment of the new secretary as a positive signal to accelerate tourism development in the region of the Mindanao, the birth region of Wanda Corazon Teo.

The new secretary will be in charge of speeding the development of rural tourism  in a bid to attain inclusive growth in the countryside. According to Alphonsus D. Tesoro, president of Atop -Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines-, community based tourism will spread the benefits of tourism development to impoverished communities and help develop local products. “There is a need for the tourism industry to strengthen the network and linkages and partnerships to grass roots to promote and boost the community-based rural tourism,” he said to Davao-based newspaper the Sun.Star.