Thai Airways International is back to Moscow and Tehran

Thai Airways International plans to return to two destinations it served in the past for the coming winter season: Moscow and Tehran. The announcement was confirmed during the a Thai Board Meeting last Thursday by TG President Charamporn Jotikasthira.

Speaking to media, Jotikasthira announced that the airline will offer three flights a week to Tehran, starting October 1. The airline capitalizes on the lifting of sanctions with Iran, one of the most promising market for business. According to Thai Airways International,  there is a strong demand for direct flights to Tehran is important as they are already some 250,000 Iranians visiting Thailand every year. Infrastructure and services needs for Iran makes it also a potentially attractive business destination for Thai companies.Tehran used to be flown by Thai Airways until 1979, the year of Iran revolution.

Following its restructuring in 2014, Thai Airways International suspended its direct flights from Bangkok to Moscow. The decision was taken especially as Russian tourism market collapsed following the decline of the Ruble by more than 80% and a sharpening economic crisis in Russia. Mr. Jotikasthira estimates that Russia travel market is back and Moscow could be an attractive gateway to the rest of Northeastern Europe.  “THAI is confident more passengers will be drawn from these emerging markets,” he said. The route will be served four times a week starting November 1st.

The airline however also confirmed not to look to reopen other long haul routes closed during its restructuring. Thai Airways International is now looking for its new aircraft Airbus A350 to eventually come back to the USA and to Madrid. The first two A350 will be delivered by August and September and deployed on the Bangkok-Melbourne route. The rest of the command for 12 A350 will arrive by the middle of 2017 until the end of 2018.