More Female Divers in Indonesian waters

The Indonesian news magazine and website reports about the recent launch of the ‘Indonesia Diving Women Association” which will look at promoting Indonesia as a safe and beautiful underwater world for female divers.

Indonesia is a popular destination for divers. However, most of them are male according to data compiled by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). The association which has so far issued 35,000 certification licences to divers, explains that 59% of all divers in Indonesia are male and 41% female. The percentage is higher than world statistics. Male represent 63.9% of all divers and female 36.1%.

Despite the encouraging figure, as divers are mostly male, a local community wants now to promote this sport activity to more Indonesian women. “Indonesia is known for its underwater beauty and we need to promote it better since there are so many destinations to explore. Female divers can help with this promotion as well as with preserving those places,” said model Davina during a press launch of the Indonesia Diver Women Association in Jakarta last Wednesday as quoted by

Initiated by professional diver Nunung Hasan and the Tourism Ministry, the community is open to all Indonesian women and does not conduct any registration or membership process. “There’s no requirement for those who want to join, as long as they are female and Indonesian citizens,” said Nunung, adding that the community’s activities could be found in the Scuba Diver Indonesia magazine and its website.

“The percentage of female divers in Indonesia is actually quite good. From the 41 percent, up to 30 percent are Indonesian women,” said PADI representative Abi Carnadie to the magazine. “This community can be a good start to expand the diving industry. We need more professional female divers and we want to expand the market to the family segment.”

(Source: the Jakarta Post)