Thailand Gets Seductive towards Women

Playing the seduction card towards female travellers: Thailand Ministry of Tourism in cooperation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well major private partners such as airlines or hotel chains, declared August the month to actively promote the destination towards female travellers.

” The Royal Government is using the auspicious month celebrating the birthday of our Majesty Queen Sirikit by dedicating all of our marketing campaign to women. We bundle of our resources to facilitate the travel into Thailand of female tourists offering not only a wide range of discounts in accommodation, shops or restaurants but also by working with our immigration authorities with a dedicated immigration lane at airports. We also asked famed female personalities to turn into our Thailand tourism ambassadors”, highlighted Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Thailand Minister of Tourism and Sports, during a prestigious official dinner presided over by General Tanasak Patimapragorn, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.

Thailand is indeed a popular destination for female travellers. “I love to come here for shopping, food and the excitement of the destination. There is so much to do in Thailand”, said a Chinese writer. “I am a true Thai in heart as I have been there so many times. It is a delight to be back to Bangkok, an exciting city where I feel not only at home but safe and at ease due to the gentleness of locals”, told Michelle Yim, a famed Hong Kong movie star, who is extremely popular in countries such as Malaysia or Thailand.

Mrs Yim was part of 84 media, journalists, bloggers and celebrities being invited to experience 84 various experiences across the country including the discovery of royal projects that were launched decades ago to improve local economies and preserve Thailand natural assets.

TAT understands the asset of capitalizing on female travellers. “We know that it gives a strong message about our Kingdom as a safe destination. But not only. Thailand is perceived as the essence of well-being and also as a mature destination able to offer a tailor made experience to any market segment”, explained TAT authorities.

One of the highlight of this major women dedicated month is the event a “Passage of Thai Fabric- a Tribute to Her Majesty the Queen”, an event with the aim to pay tribute to Thai textile heritage and Queen Sirikit dedication towards the preservation of that heritage. The event will take place in Bangkok on August 20 and 21 at Siam Paragon and then at the Plenary Hall from August 23 to 28. Another location which shows all the skills of craftmen and women. Highlights will include fashion shows of top-quality Thai fabric clothes by leading and emerging Thai designers, exhibitions on Thai fabrics, and showcase of handicraft products.

“It is more than just textile heritage. With the promotion of Thai Fabrics, we want also to link up tourism to local communities. To buy a fabric is also to provide an income to our local communities, to help them to continue their activity. This is an important act to encourage villages to nurture century-old handicraft”, added the Minister.

Another important step taken by the Tourism Authority is the launching of a dedicated website. The mobile application “Women’s Journey Thailand,” enables users to navigate through themes and special offers and to plan their travel schedule in Thailand accordingly. The products, services and events are listed under five categories: Beautiful Look, Beautiful Shape, Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Retreat, and Beautiful Experience. The Women’s Journey Thailand application can be downloaded for free for all kind of mobile phones.