Thailand Government Strengthens Security at Tourist Locations Across the Kingdom

Following a series of explosions in public areas mostly in Southern provinces and Hua Hin during 11 – 12 August 2016 leaving 4 people dead and 34 injured, the Royal Thai Government expresses its profound regrets for the incidents and took actions to strengthen the security and also instructed relevant agencies to assist, facilitate and compensate tourists who have been affected by the incidents.
To ensure public order and safety of the people, including tourists, the government has instructed local authorities to tighten up measures to prevent any further incident, especially in crowded areas, tourist attractions and other important areas. Maj. Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd declared in a broadcast on Friday that “Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered to urgently strengthen security measures in tourist areas, cities and crowded places. Particular attention is being paid to the tourist areas, hotels, markets,” it was announced.
Since Friday, military and police patrols are to be seen in all major tourist areas, skytrain stations as well as at airports, rail and even boat piers. Bags and parcels are systematically searched at shopping malls, public transport infrastructures and public buildings. Travellers arriving at international airports should expect slow immigration procedures due to additional scanning and information collection.
The Metropolitan Police Bureau has joined with the Tourist Police and the Immigration Police Bureau to have officers patrolling in popular tourist spots including Yaowarat, Soi Cowboy and Khao San Road. Security checkpoints have been set up along some roads while the government asked hotels and owners of rented apartments to check thoroughly guests’ identity and eventually report to police forces in suspicious cases.
Meanwhile, the culprits for the bombs remain unclear with both military and police disagreeing over the perpetrators. While the police believes that bombs are likely linked to the Muslim insurgency in the South, the Government and military consider that violences were done by political opponents. If the spat of bombs is proved to be linked to Southern Thailand’s ongoing insurgency, it would be the first time that the decade-long conflict is spreading beyond the Deep South…