Cambodia Unveils Multi-Entry Visa Valid up to 3 Years

Both Cambodia’s English-speaking newspapers the Khmer Times and the Phnom Penh Post confirmed Cambodia’s government move to allow multi-entry visas for foreign nationals visiting the country. The three-year multiple-entry visa is part of a new government strategy to encourage foreigners to come to the Kingdom and meet a goal of over 7.5 million overseas travellers by 2020, confirmed Cambodia Minister of Tourism H.E. Dr. Thong Khon last week.

The visa will be introduced from September 1st, 2016 and available for all nationalities. Most surprising is the validity of the visa, due to last up to three years. However, visitors will be able to choose the length of validity from one to three years.

According to Thong Khon, different prices will be asked according to the length of stay. Pricing details of the new visas were not available at the end of last week.

The new entry visa will allow tourists and business visitors to enter and exit Cambodia many times during the visa’s validity period, Mr. Khon declared to local newspapers.  “They can apply for a visa in Cambodia and can travel in and out many times according to the visa they apply for. Tourists and investors can apply for a two-year stay or three-year stay with multiple entries.”

From the 7.5 million foreign arrivals expected by 2020, the Minister predicts some two million of Chinese travellers and 300,000 Japanese. In 2015, Cambodia recorded a total of 4.775 million of foreign arrivals including 695,000 Chinese travellers and 193,000 Japanese. This year, Cambodia should attract over 5 million international visitors with China being the largest market with some 800,000 travellers.

Until now, ASEAN natives are currently granted visa-free stay between 14 days and 30 days while tourists from other regions – the European Union and the US for example – are allowed a month by paying US$30 for a visa-on-arrival. Business travellers can currently renew their visa for a month, three months, six months or up to one year.