Terminal 4 to open mid 2017 in Changi, Singapore

Changi is due to add a new terminal from the second half of next year. Terminal 4 is a new facility able to accommodate up to 16 million passengers a year. T4 is built where the former Budget Terminal used to stay. Designated originally to welcome budget airlines, T4 is now opened to any airlines but mostly to the ones serving an O&D traffic with quick turn around.

T4 will also see, for the first time at Changi, an extensive roll-out of a suite of fast and seamless travel (FAST) initiatives. These self-service and automated options will be offered at check-in, bag drop, immigration clearance and departure-gate boarding.

As self-service kiosks will be available at T4 throughout the day, passengers can choose to check-in at their own convenience before their flights without waiting in queues during peak periods. Automation will help not only passengers by simplifying airport’s procedure while helping airlines to cut their operating costs by as much as 40% due to reduced reliance on manpower.

T4’s FAST initiatives are part of a global trend towards self-service options in airports and necessary in Singapore which faces a very tight labour market, especially in the ground handling and security sectors.

The design of T4 is based on a simple and functional architectural concept, offering a two-storey, 25-metre-high building with a gross floor area of 195,000 square metres. The terminal’s showpiece is a 300-metre-long Central Galleria which separates the public zone from the restricted zone.

Besides creating a sense of openness, greenery and natural lighting will also be used to enhance the ambience of the terminal. And taking public feedback into consideration, the T4 transit area will feature local culture and heritage-theme features, such as retail stores with facades of old Peranakan shop houses. Retail and F&B offerings at T4 will be comparable to the range and variety offered at Changi Airport’s other terminals.

In another Changi Airport first, T4 will sport a new walk-through retail concept. Featuring merchandise from the top two product categories – liquor and tobacco, and perfumes and cosmetics – departing passengers will find it more convenient to shop before boarding their flight. In all, T4 will feature more than 15,000 square metres of space dedicated to shopping and dining, several times more than what was previously available at the BT.

Serving both full-service and low-cost carriers, the T4 building will be about seven times larger than the BT, with 17 contact stands for narrow-body aircraft and four for wide-body aircraft. These stands will come with aerobridges, increasing convenience and accessibility for passengers. Designed to enable quick turnaround of aircraft, T4 will have the flexibility to serve both regional full-service and low-cost carriers.

T4 will also have its own Ramp Control Tower to oversee and manage aircraft movements in the apron and taxiways around the terminal. This tower is needed to enhance the Changi Airport air traffic controllers’ visual line of sight of aircraft parking stands and associated taxiways near the southern end of Runway 2. The 68-metre tall Ramp Control Tower will provide clearance to pilots on when they can push back from the gates, as well as give instructions on which taxiway to be used, before handing over communications to the Changi Air Traffic Control Tower.

According to the latest construction details, the terminal should be completed by year end for a forecast opening by the middle of next year. It will at point of opening will be the new Singaporean home for low cost carrier AirAsia and its affiliates. But not only. The new terminal will also receive all the flights of Cathay Pacific (the first airline to have announced to move to T4), Korean Air as well as Vietnam Airlines. The four airlines group represented some 9 million passengers in 2015.

Shuttle busses will bring transferring passengers to other terminals as well as to the MRT station.