Vietnam Tourist Arrivals up by 25% until October

Vietnam continues to align record numbers month after month. International tourist arrivals to Vietnam reached between January and October 8.08 million, up by 25.4% over the same period of 2015. This double-digit growth is mostly due to the jump in arrivals from Mainland China. From January to October, total arrivals from Mainland China reached 2.23 million, up by 55%. China is now by far Vietnam largest inbound market, representing 27.5% of all arrivals.

South Korea is the second largest inbound market for the country but far behind. From January to October, Korean arrivals to Vietnam reached 1.26 million, up by 40.1%. Korea is the second fastest growing source market for Vietnam. Both China and South Korea represent close to 45% of all international arrivals. Vietnam’s third largest market remains Japan with over 600,000 tourist arrivals, up by almost 11% over the same period of 2015.

So far this year, all source markets to Vietnam show a growth. Among the markets with a growth of over 20% are New Zealand (+35% since January), Thailand (+30.8%), Italy (+30.3%), Russia (+27.5%), Spain (+27.3%) and the Netherlands (+24.2%). One country only is recording a decline: Cambodian arrivals are down from January to October by 8%.

The new policy of electronic visa that will be implemented for any country from January 2017 as well as the further development of new air links (especially to new destinations such as Phu Quoc or Haiphong) are likely to further have a positive effect on tourism next year. Vietnam total arrivals for 2016 is estimated to fluctuate now in a range of 9.8 million to 10-million international travellers. With another growth of over 20% in 2017, the country would then be close to 12 million arrivals by the end of next year, reaching a level similar to Indonesia.


Arrivals            Growth 2016/15

Total                     8,077,397                  25.4%

China                    2,228,515                  55.2%

South Korea        1,257,020                  40.1%

Japan                      611,401                   10.8%

USA                        461,307                   14.2%

Taiwan                   423,601                   15.9%

Russia                     330,785                   27.1%

Malaysia                 319,885                   15.6%

Australia                 270,147                     6.7%

Thailand                  212,271                   30.8%

UK                           209,048                   21.7%

Singapore                199,745                     8.5%

France                      195,718                  13.3%

(Source: Vietnam National Tourism Administration- Nov 2016)