Hang Nadim Airport in Batam to be Turned into a Business Travel Destination

It is one of the best equipped airports in Indonesia and is among the top 10 busiest in the archipelago: Hang Nadim International Airport is the main air facility to Batam, the large island located across Singapore in the Riau archipelago.

Located in the eastern side of the island, the airport was built in the Suharto years in the late 1980s with the country’s longest runway (4,025 m x 45 m) and a terminal building receiving over five million passengers a year and 41,078 aircraft movements in 2015. It is served by eight airlines linking the airport to 20 domestic destinations, to Kuala Lumpur-Subang airport and to Muslim Pilgrimages destinations. On average, Batam Hang Nadim International Airport sees passengers growth of 10% per year.

They are plans to expand passengers’ facilities. Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority (BP Batam) will build a new terminal in 2017 adjacent to the existing one. Capacity will grow from four to eight million passengers for Terminal 1 while a second terminal will be built for another eight million passengers.  Six passengers’ bridges will allow direct docking for aircraft.

Classified as an International Primary Airport in Indonesia, the airport stretches over 1,762 hectares of land but use only 40% of its lands for now. This is why a huge development plan has recently been presented by BP Batam, which manages the airport among various public infrastructure. Hang Nadim is due to be redeveloped into an aerotropolis, a concept by J.D. Kasarda in which the “airport leaves the city, the city follows the airport and the airport becomes a city.”

The importance of Batam as a business destination was recently confirmed with DHL Express, part of Deutsche Post’s DHL Group. The express parcels and freight company recently launched a service centre and a parcels hub worth US$1.26 million to support its business operations.

Hang Nadim Aerotropolis will be turned now into a centre equipped with industrial facilities, offices for e-commerce and telecommunications, and logistics. The area will have also office spaces, hotels, retail facilities, entertainment centers and an exhibition centre.

Hang Nadim AerotropolisAmbitions for the airport to be turned into a business travel destinations are high: “Hang Nadim Airport, from the beginning was designed to be equipped with various facilities such as golf courses, hotels, recreation centers and the monorail to become an Aerotropolis destination,” said recently the General Manager of Batam Hang Nadim International Airport, Suwarso in an interview to Indonesia Press Agency ANTARA.

A hotel and a variety of other commercial facilities will be built in the area in front of the airport terminal not far from the main road towards Batubesar,” he indicated. On the right side of the airport area will also be built offices and golf, various recreation facilities, and cargo facilities.

“The airport will also be connected to the monorail, the best option for public transportation”, added Suwarso to ANTARA.