Close to Four Million Visitors at Borobudur Temple in 2016

As year 2016 comes to an end, Borobudur Temple Tourist Park Management (Taman Wisata Candi PT or TWC) estimates that the temple complex will have received some 3.8 million visitors, a number targeted by the company at the end of last year.

Talking to Indonesia news company, the organization’s head, Chrisna Murti Adiningrum indicated that Borobudur had already welcomed 3.2 million visitors up to November. “We are certain that we are going to meet the target, as there will be the Christmas and New Year’s holidays,” explained Chrisna.

According to the Executive, Borobudur sees on week-ends between 7,000 and 10,000 visitors on average. However, during long holidays or special events, these numbers can be multiply by seven or even ten times. To remain attractive during the coming festive season, a special price of Rp 30,000 entrance fee (Us$2.5) will be offered to Indonesian visitors while children will pay only Rp 12,000 (Us$0.90) for the entrance.

The appeal of Borobudur continues to grow strongly as the government supports the development of new products and infrastructure in Central Java. In 2015, the government made the development of Borobudur surrounding districts a priority. “Among the new destinations in indonesia’s government development concept are Bener district in Purworejo regency, Salaman in Magelang regency and Tritis in Kulonprogo regency,”was declaring last August to indonesia news agency Antara the head of Central Java Tourism Agency, Prasetyo Aribowo.

The government is also planning to have a direct road linking the future Yogyakarta airport in Kulonprogo to Borobudur area and the mentioned districts.

TWC is also promoting pilgrimage tours around Borobudur. The package was launched during the Waisak celebration last May at the Borobudur International Buddhist Conference. priced at US$52 per person, it includes sunrise prayers at Borobudur, a tour of Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta and a visit to the temples of Sewu, Plaosan and Kalasan. TWC hopes to attract more foreign travellers taking the package. it also includes one night accommodation. it is open to any traveller interested to learn more about Buddha’s spiritual life as well as to the ones interested in meditation.