An Actor Becomes Philippines New Tourism Promotion COO

Cesar Montano in a picture of 2012 (NPPA Images)

It sounds like a tradition for the Philippines. After Gemma Cruz-Araneta, a former Miss Philippines and Miss International being appointed Secretary of State for Tourism, the new Philippines Department of Tourism Promotions Board Chief Operating Officer is an actor. Chosen by President Rodrigo Duterte, Cesar Montano has been officially sworn in his new position at the end of December by Tourism State Secretary Wanda Teo.

the good-looking personality will be in charge of handling domestic and international marketing and promotion of the Philippines as a major global tourism destination. He will also be in charge of presenting worldwide the new tourism campaign of the Secretary due to replace or at least amend the successful campaign of the previous administration “It is More Fun in the Philippines”.

He will also lead the hosting of the “Miss Universe Contest” to be held in the country on January 30 at the Mall of Asia in Metro Manila.

Aged 54 years old, Cesar Montano is originated from Bohol Island in the Visayas and has been an actor since 1981. He is also a film director and producer, a musician as well as a game-show host. He has some political experience as he tried to become Governor of Bohol Province back to 2010 but lost the local election. He was to be seen in two movies in 2016.

His appointment by president Duterte is seen as a way to boost the image of the country as he remains a popular personality despite its lack of experience in the tourism field. His appointment seems however not to please Tourism Secretary Teo according to local newspapers.