Singapore Saw a Growth of 8% in Tourist Arrivals in 2016

As Singapore is playing host to the 2017 ASEAN Travel Forum, the latest release of data by the Singapore Tourism Authority points to a growth of 7.9% in total arrivals between January and November 2016. The City-State welcomed during the first 11 months of the year 14.89 million visitors, with the largest share being from Asia (11.57 million travellers, +9.1%). Asian travellers accounted for 77.7% of all visitors.

Within Asia, ASEAN countries represented the largest number generating 5.37 million travellers while China PRC is now Singapore single largest market, slightly ahead of Indonesia for the first time (264 million for China versus 2.56 million for Indonesia). China growth this year has been tremendous with a jump in arrivals of 36.1% during the first 11 months of the year. In January and March, arrivals jumped respectively by over 60% and 80%!

By contrary, Hong Kong was Singapore’s worst performing market between January and November, down by 11% compared to the same period of 2015.Both Japan and South Korea remained stagnant.

The Malaysian market (Singapore third biggest incoming source) declined by 1.7% to just 1.02 million arrivals due to the ongoing weakness of the Malaysian Ringgit compared to the Singapore Dollar. It is likely that Malaysia will be taken over by India in 2017. India generated during the first 11 months over a million arrivals, representing a growth of over 8%.

Outside Asia, Singapore largest source market overseas continues to be Europe. With 1.59 million arrivals (up by 7%), Europe had a market share of 10.7% followed by the Pacific area with 1.05 million arrivals, down by 1.8%. Like in Malaysia, unfavourable exchange rates of the Australian and New Zealand dollars influenced probably arrivals in a negative way. The Americas are the third largest overseas market for Singapore with a market share of 4.1%, the equivalent of 613,000 arrivals.

Top Twelve Inbound Markets for Singapore between January and November 2016:

TOTAL        14,894,559     +  7.9%

China            2,637,640     +36.1%

Indonesia    2,563,001      +  5.9%

Malaysia      1,022,488      –   1.7%

India            1,002,405      +  8.2%

Australia        926,283       –   1.7%

Japan              721,216       –   0.2%

Philippines    622,396      +  2.9%

South Korea  527,877       –  0.8%

Thailand        502,837      + 6.8%

Hong Kong    501,194       -11.1%

USA                 465,830     + 2.6%

UK                   449,771      + 3.6%

(Source: Singapore Tourism Board Embarkation/disembarkation cards)