Indonesia Offers Cash Incentives to Specialists Promoting Destinations Beyond Bali reports that the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism is paying wholesalers and airlines that send tourists to “new destinations” beyond Bali an incentive of US$15 per foreign tourist in 2017. The incentive is intended to boost efforts to achieve 15 million foreign tourists in 2017.

Vinsensius, the Assistant Deputy for the Development of the Asia-Pacific Market at the Ministry of Tourism, said to the Indonesian news website: “We have a challenging target from 2017 until 2019. This year we must achieve 15 million foreign tourists from last year’s total of 12 million. Adding 3 million tourists (in a single year) is a heavy task, unequaled as a challenge in the history of Indonesian tourism.

To meet the challenge a number of strategies have been put in place by the tourism ministry, including the plan to pay an incentive if US$15 per foreign tourist to wholesalers or airlines. Vinsensius explained that the incentive is only available to airlines and wholesalers undertaking charters to areas outside of Bali and Jakarta.

In parallel to the incentive scheme, Indonesia is undertaking an unprecedented program of improving airports across the country. Moreover, Angkasa Pura – the State-owned company that operates many of Indonesia’s airports – is extending free landing and apron fees for one year for airports outside of Jakarta and Bali.

Vinsensius added: “This is what you call ‘hard selling.’ Actually, competing countries such as Malaysia and Thailand have undertaken similar steps.”

The Ministry highlights that the US$15 incentive represents little compared to expected expenditure of US$1,200 per tourist.