Bloomberry Think the Philippines Could Surpass Singapore for Gambling Tourism

Bloomberry Resorts Corp. Chairman and CEO Enrique Razon believes that improved infrastructure and growing tourist numbers in the Philippines will give an opportunity to the country to see its casino sector turning larger than the one in Singapore. The company chairman was expressing his point of view to local tv network CNBC late last week. Enrique Razon was upbeat about the prospect to see the Philippines becoming the top destination for gambling and casinos in Southeast Asia.

In the interview with the tv network, Razon cites the fact that the strong development of new casino resorts in the country, a favourable investment policy since the administration fo Rodrigo Duterte took over the power. A crucial element to the Philippines’ success as a gambling destination is the warming in relations between the archipelago and Mainland China. The improvement in the relations between both country would see the opening of new air routes, more tourists and ultimately more gamblers.

The Bloomberry Executive stated that travel restrictions to the Philippines have been lifted by China after Duterte visited the country and this has helped with tourism numbers. The administration under Duterte has also spent more time on infrastructure which Razon pointing out that this could help improve business prospects for the gaming sector.

Bloomberry Resorts Corp. Chairman and CEO continues to invest heavily into its casino empire in the Philippines. Since opening its flagship property in 2013- the Solaire Resort-, the group has been investing into new properties and predicts to have another four casinos within the next five to six years.

New to come will be a new casino in Quezon City, a US$418 million project which is due to open in 2019. The resort will include a hotel, convention center and shops.Bloomberry first gambling property, the Solaire, represented an investment of US$1.2 billion back to 2013.