Bicycle Sharing Comes to Singapore with OBike

Launched at the end of January, Obike is Singapore newest bicycle ride sharing system. It is available to any traveller coming to the city state and is easy to use after users download the app on their mobile phone.

The bike-sharing startup has quietly launched their platform with hundreds of rental bicycles popping up along pathways, bicycle designated areas and parks in Singapore. The bicycles wheels are locked with a smart clamp that riders can unlock using the oBike mobile app (available on App Store and Google Play).

Renting the bike costs users one Singapore dollar for every 30 minutes of riding. However, first-time users will need to pay a refundable deposit of $49 in-app via PayPal or credit card to ensure responsible usage.First time users are however enjoying a free 90-Minute Ride bonus after entering a special promotional code, available on the service’s app.

Riders can also earn a S$3 (US$2.10) ride coupon for every friend they invite as soon as they complete their first ride. The invited friend will also receive the ride coupon once they sign up via the invite.

oBike riders will also receive 100 reputation credits upon signup which will be deducted for bad behaviours such as wrongly parking the bike, violation of traffic rules, lost of bicycle, etc.

oBike bicycles are further equipped with GPS capability – Users can look for and reserve the company’s bicycle locations via the map inside oBike mobile app. Safety is guaranteed: The oBikes are locked with an electronic clamp on the back wheel. To unlock it, you need to use the app’s inbuilt QR code reader and scan the QR codes on the bike. The QR codes are placed on a few parts of the bike for easy access.

The system stands in competition with two other bicycle ride sharing providers, Ofo and Mobike.