No Visas Requirements for Filipinos to South Korea and Taiwan

Two good news for Filipino travellers. At the same time, both South Korea and Taiwan cancelled requirements for Filipino travellers for visa.

In Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now grants visa-free entry to Filipinos who wish to travel to Taiwan for business/tourism purposes. This 30-day visa-free access to Philippine Passport holders will start on June 1, 2017. The measure was taken as Taiwan’s government is currently implementing a “New Southbound Policy” that aims to forge closer trade and economic ties with countries in South and Southeast Asia. It will also help to mitigate the weight of Chinese travellers on Taiwan tourism development.

Already in October last year, Taiwan relaxed its visa policy towards Filipinos by granting visa-free access to PH passport holders who have a valid visa from OECD countries and those who have never worked in Taiwan as a blue collar worker.

South Korea is more restrictive but is moving in the same direction. According to local Filipino newspapers, the Philippines is included in the plan of the South Korean government to issue electronic visas and allow visa-free stay in mainland Korea for five days to Southeast Asian nationals going to Jeju Island.

Travellers must have Jeju Island as a final destination although they can transit via other local airports. The program is limited for the time being to groups of selected tour agencies in the Philippines;

Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) explained to local media that it “is still in discussion with relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Justice on this matter, but hopes are great to implement the detailed plan within May of this year.”

Not only the Philippines, but also Vietnamese and Indonesian travellers could soon benefit from a similar measure. If accepted, the new regulation will enter into service by this coming June.