Turkish Airlines Committed to Southeast Asia

Interview with Ms Seda Dincer, Media and Public Relations Specialist, Turkish Airlines

Does Turkish Airlines feel that competition come mostly from other European airlines or
Middle East carriers when evaluating its product and looking at expanding its network?

Seda Dincer- Airline sector is a competitive market, and Turkish Airlines strives to innovate
and offers the most comfortable and reliable travel experience to all of our guests. Thus, more than a matching policy, airlines need an approach to the market that reflects the passenger’s needs. In that sense, Turkish Airlines being awarded “Best Airline in Europe” six years in a row can be considered as an indicator in the sector.

What does Asia Pacific represent today in Turkish Airlines in terms of network/ destinations, passengers as well as revenues?

For the past years, Turkish Airlines has been expanding its fleet at the same pace than the number of its destinations. The Asia-Pacific area represents in fact a significant part of our business. We fly out of Istanbul to 22 countries serving 35 destinations in the region. In Southeast Asia alone, we currently serve 7 destinations in six countries and we will soon add a new destination with Phuket. In passengers’ numbers, the Far East generates 13% of our total passengers output, the equivalent of eight million people. But the region performs even better in terms of revenues as it generated last year 23% of the revenues of Turkish Airlines global network.

Phuket will be the airline’s next destination in Asia. Does Turkish Airlines look at serving more destinations in Asia, including more secondary destinations?

The airline’s network is being expanded year after year. We started flying to Hanoi via Ho Chi Minh City in 2016 and are opening in July four weekly frequencies between Istanbul and Phuket. While we do not currently look at new openings for the year, we however look at serving Denpasar in Bali at some point in the future.

What are the aircraft mostly put into service in Asia? Are they new aircraft planned to serve some of Turkish Airlines destinations in Asia?

Turkish Airlines offers one of the youngest fleets in the industry. All of our Far East destinations are operated with brand-new Boeing 777-300 or with Airbus 330-300. Our inflight entertainment digital system, The Planet, offers individual touch-screens or remote control devices attached to the seat both on Economy and Business Class. Moreover, Business Class cabins are designed with fully-flat seats and free Wi-Fi is provided to passengers on all of our Boeing B777s and in most of our Airbus A330-300s.

What are Turkish Airlines top city pairs from Asia to the rest of the world?

Turkish Airlines top destinations from the Far East are mostly located in Europe, North Africa and Israel. A recent trade is the rise of Spain and Scandinavian countries as they turn increasingly popular for Asian travellers. We are among the top three airlines offering the best connectivity out of Asia. We offered last year possibilities of 8,534 Origin and Destination city pairs from the Far East to the rest of the world. Asia remains a major country as it continues to be the fastest growing region in passengers number according to the International Air Transport Association IATA.