A Korean Lady Wants to Be UNWTO Next Secretary-General

Korea is the only Asian country to present a candidate. Dho Young-Shim is the only female who wants to become the next Secretary-General for the UN Agency United Nations World Tourism Organisation. The lady is well known in ASEAN countries as she helped through the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation to create libraries in Cambodia and Vietnam among others.

Mrs. Dho Young-shim is reaching out to the world in need, the world of children. And this reaching out is part of a global tourism initiative under her leadership. UNWTO ST-EP Foundation started back to 2015.  Part of the activity was the  “Thank you Small Library “ project spearheaded by the ST-EP Foundation. This grassroots initiative established libraries in poor areas of the world as tools for community development and employment.

Connected with over 16 international organizations and programs, the UN SDGs TYsl initiative built sustainable Public-Private Partnerships and received significant support from the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, and other partners.

The Initiative has positively changed the world of children and their communities. Giving children access to reading and learning facilities as well as promoting the role played by sports and music in education is part of the concept.

Ambassador Dho Young-shim was appointed as an advocate and her commitment has been unanimously recognized.

Beyond reading and learning, Dho’s initiative looks at offering a place where children can develop their education, sport, and music. The model is based on the Korean know-how and experience the country went through when eliminating poverty.

The ST-EP established so far 156 libraries for childern and four for adults in 14 countries. In Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia and India benefited from the ST-EP initiative. Each library receives some  3,000 books including textbooks. storybooks, non-fiction books and dictionaries.

The election of the new UNWTO Secretary-General will be happen during the 105th session of the UNWTO Executive Council on May 12th, 2017. On that day, 33 Executive Council Members will propose a successor to Dr.Taleb Rifai. Starting from day 1 of taking office, the new Secretary General must build on the invaluable work of Dr Rifai, maintaining and enhancing the support and cooperation achieved with governments, businesses, academic institutions, the UN, other international organisations, NGOs, as well as travellers around the world.