Thailand Launches Its Woman’s Journey’s Campaign 2017

MC, Srisuda Wanapinyosak and Natthaya Boonchompaisarn at th Women's Journey Thailand Campaign media launch

Thailand presented early this week its Woman’s Journey’s Campaign 2017 with a range of privileges and discounts offered to all female travellers visiting the Kingdom next August.

In an event designed like a fashion catwalk, the Tourism Authority of Thailand presented the highlight of its 2017 Campaign designed to recognize the influence of female travellers in Thai tourism. “Female travellers are a very important element of our tourism activity”, told Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing in charge of Asia and the Pacific. According to TAT data, some 12 million of Thailand 30 million travellers are female travellers today. “Today women are significant descision makers and a real high-spending power. We know that female travellers spend THB120 billion on shopping and another THB122 billion on tourism activity. That represents an average daily spending of THB 19,048, the equivalent of US$545”, she added.

The Women’s Journey Thailand campaign will show case how ideal is the kingdom for female travellers. In contrary to many other countries in the region, Thailand society is largely open to woman in daily life. Traditions do exist but they coexist with a large acceptance of women in all activities. Thailand is one of the few Asian countries to have female golf tournaments, female Muay Thai (Thai boxing courses), Thai female chefs in famous restaurants. Not to mention Thai fabrics with female designers, female dedicated clubs and coffee shops.

All these elements are now capitalize into TAT campaign. Which is accompanied by a series of gimmicks, promotion, presents towards female travellers during the one month campaign in August. Credit cards, hotels, spas, shopping malls, airlines, taxis, restaurants or entertainment venues are offering discounts, gifts, special promotions during the month. AOT and the Police will even propose special “pink lanes” at airports for female visitors.

All of the privileges will be listed in the reshaped mini-website “” and mobile application of TAT “Women’s Journey Thailand”. Both will be online from this coming June.

Another event was the appointment of an ‘ambassador’ for the Women’s Journey 2017 during August month. Young lady Natthaya Boonchompaisarn, who recently won the TV reality show contest “Face of Thailand” will be the representative to inspire lady travellers from around the world.

Miss Boonchormpaisarn is a little revolution on her own. With her beautiful tanned skin, her large eyes, she breaks the beauty stereotypes which dominate media and TV networks which only celebrate white-skin, Chinese looking Thai people.

“Not only I am glad to show that we, as women, can make decision when travelling and that we can enjoy such a range of activities in my country. But also to show that skin colour has nothing to do with the true value of people. I am also proud to show that anybody in Thailand can be a pride representative of our Kingdom”, she explained.