International Yachts to get an easier access into Indonesia

English speaking newspaper Jakarta Post reported recently that the Indonesian Government has renewed its promise to make the Indonesian archipelago more “user-friendly” for visiting yachts.

Indroyono Soesilo, the man in charge of developing marine tourism at the Ministry of Tourism, has underlined that Presidential Regulation No. 105 of 2015 regarding foreign yacht visits to Indonesia makes it much easier for foreign yachts to visit Indonesia. Yachts can now enter via 18 different seaports, including Benoa in Bali.

Indroyono also revealed that yachtsmen could now apply for and obtain a six-month visit in order to facilitate extended explorations by boat of Indonesia.

Indroyono’s comments were made at a reception held in Bali to honour the participants in this year’s Fremantle to Bali Yacht Race.

The liberalization of sailing and immigration permits is an effort on the part of the Indonesian Government to attract “superyachts” – measuring more than 24-meters in length and typically owned by the super-rich to visit Indonesia.

(Source: the Jakarta Post/